Indiegogo Life Launches!

We were hired to produce the introductory video for Indiegogo Life. The turnaround was fast at 10 days that included 2 revisions with interview of both Indiegogo cofounders Danae Ringelmann and Slava Rubin but we did it! Take a look at the blog post they released yesterday to announce the launch of Indiegogo Life with the video that we produced:

A quick behind the scenes look with our shoot with Danae Ringelmann, Co-Founder & Chief Development Officer:

And of course, our obligatory Family Photo with both cofounders:

Left to right: JJ, Angela, Remi, Jenn and Danae of Indiegogo, and Hubert

Left to right: JJ, Angela, Slava, Jenn, and Hubert.

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