A Big Thanks to Our Bespoke Shoot Cast & Crew!

It's been a minute (ok, more like a year) since this blog has been updated. I swear there will be more content but for now, here's a BTS look at our production for Bespoke – a trifecta of coworking, demo, and event spaces in the heart of San Francisco.

But first, here's a our crew photo with the ladies of Bespoke:

Bespoke + 8:45a

Bespoke + 8:45a

We were tasked in developing their About video to allow anyone to understand who Bespoke is, who it's for, what they do, and why they matter. It's a challenging task to always take a brand/product/company and distill it down to a video. 

We had a whole day to shoot at the space and were really thankful to get extras easily by asking members of Bespoke to be part of it.

Thanks to the crew:

Sabrina Luppi, Producer for creating the shooting schedule and being quick on the feet when change was inevitable.

Khoi Ly, Director of Photography for always being down to work together and working with my new gear quickly to make lighting magic :)

Kevork Demirjian, Gimbal Operator for having the ability to operate our gimbal setup nimbly and working with me through the choreography on the spot.

Silver Friedline, Gaffer for working swiftly as possible so we can quickly move from one scene to the next.

Nicole Velazco, BTS photographer for capturing candid moments throughout the day and wearing my Snap Spectacles to capture photos and video moments.

To many to list but thanks to all the extras at Bespoke to fill in the spots we needed! (There were like 40+ spots we had to fill) and of course to the staff of Bespoke for having us to produce this.

I look forward to sharing the cut!



JJ Casas
Creative Director


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