A Big Thanks to Our 1st Production of the Year!

8:45a [Partial] Cast & Crew

8:45a [Partial] Cast & Crew

Can't say too much on what this production was for exactly but I can say that it was a successful despite a long and packed day of shooting.

Thanks to the crew:

Sabrina Luppi, Producer for assembling a great crew together! Great time with this bunch for sure.

Jane Park, Set Stylist for being able to transform this space into a believable hotel lobby. Great minds think alike but it's your final touches that make it 100% work.

Richard Valencia, Cam Operator for being a step ahead and getting the shot that's needed.

Zackery Ramos-Taylor, PA for being able to help in all corners of the room from camera to set design.

Sharon Peng, Hair & Make-Up for always being down to work together and making our talent look great for camera.

Rease Warford, BTS Photographer for these great BTS shots [below]. You have the best camera yoga poses tho hahah


And of course to our cast:


Kristen: as mentioned, I know this video will kick start your hand modeling career in doing fake on-screen taps

Eric: you delivered salad like a pro

Rachel: loved your "dialogue" with Kristen on directing her to the cafe loll

Sejoya: yes it was cold but you braved it ;)

James: you came prepped with the luggage and book--on point sir

Kenny: I've had you behind the camera and now in front--full circle! haha

And last but not least Nick for entrusting us with your storyboard and storyline and translating it for this commercial piece. Looking forward to its release!

Onto the BTS photos by Rease [and converted to black and white by me]:


JJ Casas
Creative Director, 8:45a


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