8:45a is Recording HustleCon on August 1st!

We’re proud to announce that we’re working with HustleCon to provide full coverage of all speakers at HustleCon in San Francisco.

So, what is HustleCon?

Taken from the website:

HustleCon is a conference focused on nontechnical startupers. We like to call these people hustlers. They’re the type of person who’s scrappy, shamelessly resourceful and frighteningly ambitious. The type of person who gets stuff done…even if they don’t know how to code. Hustle Con is about learning the specific skills and tactics needed to start and grow your startup from successful founders. 

There’s a great collection of speakers so do take a look at the speakers who will share their insights. If you can’t make it physically to San Francisco, you can count on us on providing the video recording. :)

For tickets including the video recording [hurry, they’re gonna sell out for sure!], visit http://hustlecon.com

JJ CasasnewsComment