A Big Thanks to My Cartoneros Cast & Crew

April has been a crazy month of productions including Wearhaus and 6 Pack Fitness and the launch of one of our client’s Kickstarter campaign (The SLIDE wallet by Stitch and Locke), we close the month with another Kickstarter campaign that we’re shooting for—the augmented reality (AR) game, Cartoneros.

On to my thank you’s:

  • Christina Melocik [“Mom”]: Thank you for being part of this production! I learned how to multiply by 9’s easily :)
  • Hubert Lamela: You were the extra support needed for this shoot. Thanks for helping out Cressanne and Marlon get their shots and fine tuning our other client’s video on the spot.
  • Jane Park [Casting/Wardrobe Stylist]: :bows down: Thank you for getting us the ideal family for this shoot! And for getting me coffee when you knew I was tiring out at the end of the shoot. You know me well hehe
  • Cressanne Credo [Cinematographer]: So good to have someone who can troubleshoot anything on the day of shooting. Thanks for always being quick on your feet.
  • Sharon Peng [MUA/Hair/Costume Designer]: You’re such a boss for being able to not design our awesome robot warrior out of cardboard but to also being available in doing hair and makeup for our talent. And you’re clutch for making a small version of the robot warrior hours before our shoot!
  • Patrick Devin [Dad]: Pleasure working with you! Great knowing that you’ve worked with kids so when I couldn’t wrangle everyone, you stepped in and corralled the kids as needed haha
  • Susan Davenport [Scout and Daniel’s mom]: While I photographed Scout and Daniel, it was even more fun to see them in motion and really having fun with this game and production!
  • Marlon Torres [Director of Photography]: Magic man. You definitely came ready when you busted out your large diffusion panel. haha thanks for being prepped and game to be working on this production [pun intended.. ]
  • Angela Sultani [Production Assistant]: The belt pouch came in handy!! :) We’ll ensure next time that gaffer’s tape will be tightly rolled onto a pen for quicker access hahah
  • Justine Oh: Thank you for ensuring our entire production day was shared on our Instagram account. It’s growing practically every time we share something there!
  • Andrej Grek [Creator of Cartoneros]: Last but not least, thank you for trusting me and our team to ensure that your campaign comes to life. Looking forward to launching your campaign real soon!


JJ Casas

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