A Big Thanks to My Wearhaus Cast & Crew

(Click the photos to see who’s who!)

It’s never been so rewarding to see months of conceptualizing, drafting, and organizing materialize on the actual production day. I spent the past few months working with Richie and Nelson, founders of Wearhaus, on producing their product/pitch video for their new line of headphones that will surely change the way you listen to music with people around you. At this point, I can’t just wait to show you the final video :)

For every shoot, I’ve had the tradition of sending out a thank you email with our “family photo”. This time around will mark my first ever “public” thank you note:

  • Richie & Nelson: Thank you for allowing me and 8:45a to take upon the task of producing this video for you. You trusted us with your brand and our job is to ensure your brand will grow.
  • Jane Park (Casting Director/Wardrobe Stylist): You’ve always been my right-hand woman when it comes to our important casting and wardrobe calls. The looks you establish are always great and am so glad to have you from the JCasas Photography days right into the new era of 8:45a’s :)
  • Justine Oh (Social Media Intern): aka Jane’s twin. Glad you reached out to me on a random email and glad you’re up for the challenge to keep learning. Looking forward to having you capture our shoots and broadcast it to the world instantly. I owe you that Kinde right? hehe
  • Angela Sultani (Production Assistant): You pulled a Jane here. Although this time, you actually were a model for a photoshoot I did before you joined in helping us out. (Jane was suppose to be in front my lens for a project but ended up working beside me.) Thank you for being on point during this shoot as it helped tremendously to get all scenes slated and all data backed up. I’m looking forward to the upcoming shoots and having you to ensure all things go smoothly on the production side!
  • Nicole Velazco (Still Photographer): Always great to have you on production day. You’ve been around me to assist and take still photos and I thank you for pretty much anticipating what I would be asking next of you.
  • Jen Cabugao (Still Photographer): Thank you for being part of this to capture Day 01. I’m always trying to bug you in being involved and am glad the past couple times have went through. You’ll hear from me again to bug you for the next one hehe 
  • Hubert Lamela (Lead Editor/2nd Cinematographer): Thank you for being on point on almost all emails. :) But seriously, it’s great to have a second set of eyes to oversee everything in pre-production and production phases as it’ll come down to you when you start editing it.
  • Cressanne Credo (Director/Lead Cinematographer): Magic. Always great to see our vision planned for come through on production day. Thanks for hearing me out and despite my stresses on production day, it never seems to affect you. Thank you for that ;)

And then of course to our cast!

  • Chris Pieri (Lead Male): Great to have you as our lead. Despite the limited time I had to speak with you, I could tell right away that you were at ease and for making everyone else around you at ease. Thanks for reminding me to have fun at all times. Now let’s shoot a music video.
  • Lyndon Peters (Supporting Male): Glad that you were part of this and just knew you’d be a natural for this gym scene. While small, you’re still a boss for being able to do so dead [or Roman?] lifts after your friggin half marathon on the production day. #beastmode 
  • MJ Serafica (Choreographer, Supporting Female): The dance you created was fressssh. While only an eight count, it was a big portion of our video and you made the ladies look cleeean.
  • Amanda Whipple (Supporting Female): I’m glad to have you part of the dance trio as I could tell right away you just fit in. And not even for the dancing part but I saw immediately that you three had great chemistry. And oh, I thank yours and Libby’s abs that reminded me I need to work out =P
  • Libby Miga (Lead Female): My birthday buddy! (Woo, Libras and Oct. 19ers! :) Thank you for taking up the lead female role. While we had trouble on our Google Hangout with Jane, I’m glad that it didn’t thwart any of us from going through with the decision. I’m glad you had fun during the shoot. Plus being around us shorties made you “tall”—so consider it a bonus :)

And of course a big round of applause to our extras: Aileen Pagdanganan, Alex Nguyen, Antoine Balaresque, Chang Liu, Dustin Abalde, Elizabeth Leong, Kim Valdez, Larry Zhou, Laurenmarie Reyes, Maricela Lopez, Menh Voong, Monique Dismuke, Nitta Pattarachangyakul, Poorvi Mehta, Teresa Attridge, Vedant Kumar—our places would be just empty so thank you for being there and spending your weekend with us!

Looking forward to showing the final video real soon!

- JJ