A Big Thanks to Our Hale Orb Cast & Crew!

Our Hale Orb Day 01 cast/crew.

Our Hale Orb Day 01 cast/crew.

Our Hale Orb Day 02 cast/crew.

Our Hale Orb Day 02 cast/crew.

First off, here's the finished video:

This commercial shoot was for Hale Orb, a beautiful remote that lives in your living room that allows you to browse photos and videos on the largest screen in your home, your TV. They're currently live on Indiegogo and you can find their campaign here.

And onto my shoutouts. Thanks to the crew:

Sabrina Luppi, Producer for assembling another great crew and cast together. Super glad to have gotten a variety of people here for this commercial to come together.

Tara Marshell, Stylist & Hair/Makeup Artist for making all of our talent look beautiful on camera.

Khoi Ly, Director of Photography & Camera Operator for putting another one in the books working together. Always a pleasure working on-set and talking shop between takes.

Silver Friedline, Production Assistant for helping make our sets run smooth like butter and more efficiently.

Nicole Velazco, BTS Photographer for capturing the moments of all of us working hard and having fun.

And to our cast:

Lollie, Bill, Tyler, Jenny, and Michael and the adorable Makayla for playing our family and Amaru and Rachel for being the great friends baking a "terrific" strawberry cake =P

Now onto the BTS photos of the shoot:


JJ Casas
Creative Director, 8:45a


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