Dash: The DIY Robot Launch Party (09/05/13)

I went one of our clients’ launch party for their crowdfunding platform and it was great! Not only did I get to meet many people who were friends and family of these brilliant guys with PhD’s from Berkeley (last photo is me with Nick Kohut [CEO] and Andrew Gillies [COO]), I actually got to meet them for the first time!

Long to short, our schedules weren’t able to sync up but our Cinematography team were able to work with them. I worked with Andrew Gillies (COO) over the phone and email, providing him storyboards for review and script changes, to ensure that the video was produced as they had envisioned it.

When they finally launched on Dragon Innovation, it was simply a hit. They were able to hit $20k in one day and is now close to 50% with 26 days still left of their $65k goal.

Many thanks goes to out to our director Cressanne Credo for making this happen, Francis Basco for helping out with filming, and Nicole Velazco for producing the BTS shots.

We’re looking forward to seeing their pledges go well beyond their goal!

Check out the video and of course, back them up if you’d like your very own DIY Dash robot!


- JJ

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