Happy Holidays from us all at 8:45a!

Left to right: Sabrina, Hubert, Jane, JJ, & Angela

Left to right: Sabrina, Hubert, Jane, JJ, & Angela


It's been an amazing year and still can't believe that it's come to an end! We've had an amazing list of clients this year with the majority being crowdfunding clients. One thing that still blows our mind: the successful campaigns that we've produced this year has raised nearly $4M altogether! From raising money for Parkinson's Institute, to a cork and denim wallet, to bluetooth-sharing headphones to of course, cat-eared shaped headphones.. and to top of it off, Indiegogo had hired us directly to produce two projects for them--the Crowdfunding Playbook and Indiegogo Life's launch

It's definitely been one crazy and fun year.

We're looking forward to 2015 already as we have some clients lined up for Q1. And starting next year, we'll be making it clear to the public that we are the go-to agency to help produce successful crowdfunding campaigns from the start to finish. It's definitely time to start taking ownership of our work and what we can do for others :)

We started off producing videos because everyone knows that a "good" video is definitely necessary for any crowdfunding campaign. And it's not about having the biggest budget but more so of having the right direction for the product that fits the market. We also knew that the whole point of a "good looking" video is to get eyes on it, drive traffic to a campaign, and convert them to a backer. All of this takes plenty of hustle and know-how. So starting in 2015,  we're happy to announce that we'll be offering full marketing and strategy services to help our clients build an engaged audience who'll be ready and receptive to the campaign's launch.

More things are coming for 2015 but without further adieu, I'd like to say my thanks to my team for this year's work. We sat through numerous revisions to try to hit crazy deadlines (thank you Hubert), endured casting and clothing changes that tested our patience (thank you Jane), ate numerous sour candy straws while remembering to laugh at set (thank you Angela), and begun to prove to our clients that we know just how to build a following (thank you Sabrina).

Last but not least, I'd like to thank our clients for trusting me, the ideas that get thrown at the wall, and our team for making it all happen.

Cheers to a New Year,

JJ Casas 



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