Coffee. Shoot.
Edit. Revisions.


* Ok, it’s not that simple. But we can break it down into 3 phases:


Let’s get on a call. (Or a detailed email is fine).

We rely on this phase the most to ensure that we’re on the same page. You only want talking heads? You want sweeping interior shots? Oh, you want to open up with a drone shot? Ah, you don’t have a script yet? Let’s talk to see how you envision this piece to be.

A proposal will be sent that will include the scope of work and estimate. Once the proposal is approved, we move onto the creative stuff and refine it to a T—storyboard, shot lists, etc. Once approved, we move onto planning for the production date. Sufficient time is needed for location scouting, casting, music selection, stylists (hair, makeup, wardrobe), motion graphics planning, and anything else pertinent before the start of the production.


The fun stuff. Typically this is at least 2 full days. We do blocking (rehearsals), lighting, recording, review and repeat as necessary. Expect great food and coffee to keep everyone happy. Add Gushers and everyone will be happy.


Post-production starts immediately after production date. The 1st draft is uploaded privately in an online screening room in which you will be able to give feedback and comment. A 2nd draft is then uploaded for your final revision.

Final file delivery is done through a secure electronic download.

Then, we celebrate.