SFUSD Teacher Innovating Towards Equity 

Please note: All videos in screening room are not to be shared to the public. They are private drafts that should only be viewed by Client and assigned persons related to Client.

All footage is ungraded unless otherwise noted. (A flat image profile is used when recording in which color, tone, temperature, contrast will be adjusted once picture is locked).

All audio is not mastered. Once picture is locked, audio will be balanced and leveled by our sound engineer.

Adding your feedback: Please use the screening room tools to add your text comments/annotations per timecode in the video. While watching the video, you can type your feedback and the video will automatically stop. You can also pause the video to add your comments and/or drag the slider to any specific area to add your comments. You can also the markup tools to point out areas specifically.

Hit Submit to send your comments and be sure to be specific as possible. Send all your necessary feedback as soon as possible for a timely revision.

To view screening room in a larger window, please follow direct link below embedded the screening room(s).


Direct link to 845a_SFUSD_TITE_v1_A: https://remarkhq.com/public/62528d941


Direct link to 845a_SFUSD_TITE_v1_B: https://remarkhq.com/public/1d9265641