Prepared for Ravi Kurani, Co-Founder of Sutro

The Overview

Create a video commercial that captures the benefits of using Sutro while creating brand awareness to Sutro's ideal customer audience.

The Brief

Capture the warmth and fun in which a home's swimming pool can bring when it is used by an individual or family. Sutro needs to be understood as not just a singular product but an entire solution ecosystem in the care and maintenance of a swimming pool.

The Process


We rely heavily on a strong pre-production phase that involves information gathering to better understand the product/company for the development of the creative brief (storyline). 

A storyboard will be created to help illustrate the creative brief. Once the creative is refined and approved, we move on to planning for the production starting by establishing the production date(s). Sufficient time is needed to develop a production schedule including location scouting, casting, music selection, stylists (hair, makeup, wardrobe), motion graphics planning, and anything else pertinent before the start of the production.


Typically 2 full days of shooting. We do blocking (rehearsals), lighting, recording, and review. Call sheets will be provided to cast, crew, and client. All sets are closed unless otherwise granted by Client.


Post-production starts immediately after completion of production date. We have a 2 revision process in which 1st cut is based on storyboard. All screenings are hosted privately online for Client review and feedback.

Final file delivery is done through a secure electronic download.

The Estimate

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