Eight forty five.

That's how we say it. No need to say "a" at the end or “a.m.”

We're a small San Francisco production agency that understands how to sell through still and motion. Because at the end of the day, the people who hire us wants other people to know their story, what they or their products do, and generate the click throughs whether that’s a sale, retweet, or viewcount.

We’ve also helped our crowdfunding clients… crowdfund. The moment we produced our 1st one and didn't succeed our client's funding goal, we learned. And learned. And then really learned how to produce a successful campaign.

And the name's origin?

It's those 15 minutes before a usual 9-5 work day really begins. As the saying goes, "If you show up on time, you're already late." 

That's why we arrive first.